One of ADKL's focal areas is the field of insolvency and receivership. We support liquidators in all aspects of the insolvency procedure. Our extensive experience ranges from small and medium sized enterprises of all legal forms to major international corporate groups.

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We advise debtors as part of out-of-court reorganization and restructuring and place great value on holistic consulting. We prepare an overall concept that includes commercial, legal and tax concerns and support you in its implementation. Here we pay particular attention to possible liability risks of directors and shareholders.


  • Review and compilation of plans to preserve a going concern
  • Liquidity planning and control
  • Insolvency plans
  • Handling of taxation issues
  • Insolvency bookkeeping
  • Handling of legal challenges and actions relating to provision and preservation of capital
  • Reorganization plans
  • Insolvency plans
  • Transferred reorganization
  • Director and shareholder liability
  • Provision and preservation of capital
  • Advice to creditors before and during insolvency proceedings
Advice and analysis of companies

Early crisis detection is one of the essential tasks of corporate management. For this purpose the collection and evaluation of relevant indicators should take place. We assist you with our experienced employees in the establishment of a reporting system tailored to the needs of your company. However, should an economic crisis occur we work with you on the restructuring plan and assist you in the implementation.


  • Introduction of controlling instruments
  • Preparation and implementation of reorganisation plans and expert reports (IDW S 6)
  • Assistance in finding investors
  • Preparation and implementation of insolvency plans
  • Adoption of interim positions even in self-administrations
Acquisition of an insolvent company

Should you be interested in acquiring an insolvent company, it is important to consider multiple aspects. Thus liability for potential old debts of the company are to be avoided, and this especially in the area of tax liability. We have created and implemented insolvency plans and are aware of the difficulties for the purchaser. We can estimate the risk of liability and provide to you adjusted options for action.


  • Due diligence implementation
  • Business valuation
  • Contract preparation and assessment
  • Preparation and audit of insolvency plans
Consultancy for managing directors, supervisory boards and shareholders

In times of crisis unfamiliar and highly liable obligations arise for management boards, managing directors and supervisory boards. Thus, for example, solvency and possible over-indebtedness should be continuously monitored and appropriate financial and liquidity planning conducted. Restructuring plans should be prepared and appropriate measures taken. We make sure that you comply with your legal obligations. Lengthy criminal proceedings and compensation processes can be avoided.


  • Expert opinion on the determination of the insolvency application obligation
  • Consultancy and recommendations for action regarding liability issues
  • Defense consulting in criminal or civil claims
  • Avoidance of repayment claims from shareholders
Insolvency consultancy for creditors

You as the creditor possess far-reaching rights to exercise your interests. We show you your options for action and represent you in creditors' meetings. In particular, as a member of the creditors' committees we will work on your behalf. We can draw on many years of experience in the operation of insolvency administrators and can effectively help you to find solutions.


  • Insolvency audit and revision of your set of agreements
  • Completion of agreements during business continuation
  • Claims filed and guidance of declaratory actions
  • Representation in creditors' meetings
  • Memberships in creditors' committees
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Certified Auditor, Lawyer, Tax Consultant
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Tax Consultant
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